Orange Flower Yarn


- examples of colorways you may find in the shop - please note that these are individual examples and colorways may vary on each base


General descriptions of the colorways  - please note that the fiber content, thickness, twist, and natural color of each base will affect the look of the colorway. 

Almond - tan, light brown, golden brown, ecru

Aquamarine - light aqua - almost solid.

Asteria - grey - both warm and cool, ecru, pale gold, pale blue grey - blue is more apparent in the silk blends

Atlantis - aqua, teal, dark and light blue green, shots of orange and rust, spots of navy and bright blue

Autumn Garden - many layers - magenta and plum, orange and rust, some gold and purple, green, grey layered on top

Azimuth - many blue layers with some ecru

*Bee -  pale yellow, gold, apricot, orange - flecked with colors such as brown, aqua, green and pink

*Bee + Grey -  same as Bee plus layers of grey

Bon Voyage - layers of greyed aqua, pale gold, and blue/green

Blueberry - layers of blue, violet, pale blue, red violet

Bluebell - almost solid/semi-solid blue

*Bouquet - natural ecru base with speckles and streaks of pale yellow, gold, salmon, grey, and pink - each skein is unique - the blending of the speckles affects the overall color of each skein 

Byzantium - purple and plum with red violet and magenta streaks

Candy Apple - light, medium, and dark layers - true red

*Carnival - speckles and streaks of a rainbow of colors - each skein will vary

*Charm - speckles and streaks of brown, gold, orange, salmon, and clay - each skein will vary

Chronos - layered chocolate brown, cool and warm brown, gold, and charcoal grey - more color variation on blended yarns

Coastal Grey - neutral to slightly cool med/dark grey - almost solid

Coral - saturated orange/red - classic bright coral

Coriander - golden yellow, brown, gold, shots of green and olive

Cottage White - taupe, off-white, some grey and ecru, tan - base color affects the look of this colorway

Dark Slate - very dark grey to black mottled with light grey and ecru. 

Driftwood - kettle dyed smokey brown blended with grey, may have flecks of red/brown 

*Duality - speckles and streaks of magenta, violet, fuchsia, and green, on a base color of medium grey

*Dungarees - speckles and streaks of neon rainbow on a base of denim blue

*Echo - aqua, pale green speckles - flecks and streaks of dark blue, green, olive, pink, gold 

*Echo + Grey - same as Echo plus layers of grey

Flannel - pale violet and blue violet that has layers of pale grey on top to neutralize, some streaks of pale orange

*Flora -  pale yellow, peach, and pink with flecks and specks of bright pink, brown, and orange. Skeins are dyed individually and may vary

*Flora + Grey -  the same as Flora with layers of grey

Flourish - pale pink leaning towards mauve  - Journal is essentially a very dark version of this color

*Fog - layers of mostly cool greys with speckles of many colors including pink, brown, blue, green, and gold - variable due to the speckles

Glass - light semi-solid blue with a touch of grey

*Glyph - warm medium grey base color with speckles and streaks of caramel, forest green, blue, gold, and rust - each skein is unique - the blending of the speckles and streaks will affect the overall color of each skein

Granite - grey, slate, steel, pewter, greyed greens and blues, ecru

Grey Sea - medium shade of a greyed blue/green 

*Guava - coral/pink/melon base with speckles of olive, pink, orange, rust - can look more pink or more coral depending on light and speckling

Honey Mustard - a blend of mustard yellow and honey gold

Hyperion - a mix of gold, brown, and grey

Iolite - blue violet, violet, flashes of plum and navy

*Jovial - muted pinkish peach with flecks of brown, apricot, pink, violet, blue, yellow, and green - variable due to speckles

Light Peach - semi solid classic peach hue - Nectar is a more concentrated version of this colorway

Lotus - semi-solid cool mottled pink

Magnolia - layers of very pale pastels - peach, yellow/green, grey, blue violet 

Mercury - light to medium semi-solid grey - the natural ecru color of the yarn affects the hue 

Meteor - brown, mahogany, chocolate, orange, streaks of blue, gold

Mica - pale warm grey - the natural ecru of the yarn affects the color and adds a warm undertone - no blue undertones

Mushroom Cap - warm and cool grey with shots of tan and brown - can have a purple cast to the greys on some bases

Nectar - peach with a touch of pink - bright and clear - semi-solid - a lighter version of Coral

*Neon Rainbow - lightly speckled and streaked in neon yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink 

Neptune -  peacock blue, deep teal, shots of aqua, turquoise, and navy.

Nightwatch -  layers of brown, grey, blue and blue/green.

North Sea - kettle dyed, concentrated version of the blue/grey of the North Wind colorway - blue/grey with some grey layers 

North Wind - specks and flecks of blue grey

October Leaves - orange and rust with small shots of pale green and gold

Olive - semi-solid medium green that has been neutralized with grey

Olive Oil - almost solid/semi-solid muted yellow green

Opal - many layers of pale, muted colors: blue, green, peach, pink, tan, gold, grey  - shows up more vividly on some bases -see listing

Orange Peel - bright orange with shots of deeper orange and yellow orange

Overcast - semi-solid neutral medium steel grey

*Patchwork - natural ecru base with a rainbow of speckles - variable - depending on the spreading of the speckles, may look more pink or blue - each skein will vary 

Painter's Yellow - warm and cool yellows - earthy ochre and vivid sun yellow

Peachy - layers of peach, ecru, tan, pale orange, and pale coral

Pear - layers of pale to medium greens with gold and yellow undertones

Pearl - smokey pale plum/grey - almost solid

Phoebe - peach, pink, tan, ecru, grey, light gold, brown

Piper - pale aqua, grey, with some rust and brown streaks

*Plume - medium/light neutral brown base color with speckles and streaks of mustard, salmon, blue, gold, brown, and green - each skein is unique - the blending of the speckles and streaks affect the overall color of each skein

Poseidon - dark teal, deep blue green, small shots of green - looks lighter on the silk blends

Rain - layers of grey with a greyed green/teal, ecru, purple-ish greys, and some tan

Raspberry Pink - bright pink with shades of dark, cool pink, some pale pinks

Retro Aqua - semi-solid, medium shade - bright robin egg/blue green/aqua

Salt Water - layers of greyed and muted aqua and greyed blue

*Shadow - a medium grey base with lots of olive, blue, violet speckles - highly variable - depending on the amount of blending of the speckles, the yarn can appear tinted blue, violet, or warm olive/grey - see individual listings 

Shell - pale tans, browns, and greys - many layers - this is one of those colors that really shifts in different light - can look pinkish, greyish, and tan

Snowflake - ecru mottled with light to medium grey

Solaria - semi-solid bright sun/butter yellow

*Spindle - pale warm grey base color (similar to cottage white) speckled and streaked with pale rose, clay, blue, pale gold, and green - each skein is unique due to the blending of the speckles and streaks of colors

Strawberry - semi-solid - bright and warm berry pink

*Sweet - cool and warm pink and violet/pink base color with speckles and streaks of orange, aqua, pink, brown, and caramel - each skein is unique due to the blending of the streaks and speckles - some skeins may be more pink or peach overall than others

*Sweet Pea - violet, blue, grey, pink, shots of yellow and green, magenta, plum - highly variable - each skein is unique

*Sweet Pea Light- flecks of violet, blue, grey, pink,  highly variable 

*Sweet Pea Light + Grey - same as Sweet Pea Light plus layers of grey

Sunset - almost solid/semi-solid - muted medium burnt orange

Tea Rose - semi-solid warm peachy pink

*Theory - speckles and streaks of grey, gold, and brown - small shots of rose pink - differences between skeins depending on the spreading of the speckles and streaks

Tiger's Eye - yellow/orange with flecks of rust and orange, shots of brown and mustard

Traveler - burgundy, brown, magenta, orange, plum, gold, grey

Tree and Leaf - layers of dark to light green, some ecru, some yellow green

Victoriana - dark plum, grey, shots of burgundy and blue


*Speckled colorways may vary much more from skein to skein than other colorways. For best results, simply alternate skeins to blend the differences.