- examples of colorways -

new in 2017: no standard set of colorways - a variety of colorways will be offered - new, OOAK, and previous colors - not all bases will be available in all colorways. 

Colorway descriptions: 

Below are general descriptions of colorways. There will likely be differences from skein to skein, as each skein is essentially individually hand dyed. Each base takes the dye differently, due to factors such as fiber content, number of plies, twist, and weight. 

Almond - tan, light brown, golden brown, ecru

Aquamarine - light aqua - almost solid.

Asteria - grey - both warm and cool, ecru, pale gold, pale blue grey - blue is more apparent in the silk blends

Atlantis - aqua, teal, dark and light blue green, shots of orange and rust, spots of navy and bright blue

Autumn Garden - many layers of color: magenta and plum, shots of orange and rust, some gold and purple, green, grey layered on top

Azimuth - many blue layers with some ecru

*Bee -  pale yellow, gold, apricot, orange - flecked with colors such as brown, aqua, green and pink

*Bee + Grey -  same as Bee plus layers of grey

Bon Voyage - layers of greyed aqua, pale gold, and blue/green

Blueberry - layers of blue, violet, pale blue, red violet

Byzantium - purple and plum with red violet and magenta streaks

Candy Apple - light. medium, and dark layers - true red

Chronos - layered chocolate brown, cool and warm brown, gold, and charcoal grey - more color variation on blended fiber yarns - see each listing

Coastal Grey - neutral  to slightly cool med/dark grey - almost solid

Coral - saturated orange/red - classic bright coral

Coriander - golden yellow, brown, gold, shots of green and olive

Cottage White - taupe, off-white, some grey and ecru, tan - base color affects the look of this colorway

Dark Slate - very dark grey to black mottled with light grey and ecru. 

Driftwood - kettle dyed smokey brown blended with grey, may have flecks of red/brown 

*Echo - aqua, pale green - flecks and streaks of dark blue, green, olive, pink, gold - skeins are individually dyed and may vary from one another

*Echo + Grey - same as Echo plus layers of grey

Flannel - pale violet and blue violet that has layers of pale grey on top to neutralize, some streaks of pale orange

*Flora -  pale yellow, peach, and pink with flecks and specks of bright pink, brown, and orange. Skeins are dyed individually and may vary

*Flora + Grey -  the same as Flora with layers of grey

Flourish - pale pink leaning towards mauve  - Journal is essentially a very dark version of this color

Fog - layers of mostly cool greys with speckles of many colors including pink, brown, blue, green, and gold - variable due to the speckles

Glass - light semi-solid blue with a touch of grey

Granite - grey, slate, steel, pewter, greyed greens and blues, ecru

Grey Sea - medium shade of a greyed blue/green 

*Guava - coral/pink/melon base with speckles of olive, pink, orange, rust - can look more pink or more coral depending on light and speckling

Honey Mustard - a blend of mustard yellow and honey gold

Hyperion - a mix of gold and grey

Iolite - blue violet, violet, flashes of plum and navy

Jovial - muted pinkish peach with flecks of brown, apricot, pink, violet, blue, yellow, and green - variable due to speckles

Light Peach - semi solid classic peach hue - Nectar is a more concentrated version of this colorway

Lotus - semi-solid cool mottled pink

Magnolia - layers of very pale pastels - peach, yellow/green, grey, blue violet 

Mercury - light to medium semi-solid grey - the natural ecru color of the yarn affects the hue 

Meteor - update to Meteorite (retired) - brown - mahogany and chocolate, orange, streaks of blue, gold

Mica - pale warm grey - the natural ecru of the yarn affects the color and adds a warm undertone - no blue undertones

Mushroom Cap - warm and cool grey with shots of tan and brown - can have a purple cast to the greys on some bases

Nectar - peach with a touch of pink - bright and clear - semi-solid - a lighter version of Coral

Neptune -  peacock blue, deep teal, shots of aqua, turquoise, and navy.

Nightwatch -  layers of brown, grey, blue and blue/green.

North Sea - kettle dyed, concentrated version of the blue/grey of the North Wind colorway - blue/grey with some grey layers 

North Wind - specks and flecks of blue grey

October Leaves - orange and rust with small shots of pale green and gold

Olive - semi-solid medium yellow green that has been neutralized with grey

Opal - many layers of pale, muted colors: blue, green, peach, pink, tan, gold, grey - reads as a grey/taupe/neutral

Orange Peel - bright orange with shots of deeper orange and yellow orange

Overcast - semi-solid neutral medium steel grey

*Patchwork - natural ecru base with a rainbow of speckles - each skein is individually dyed and will vary - see listing photos for how this colorway looks on each base yarn - as always, I recommend alternating skeins to blend the variations between skeins

Painter's Yellow - warm and cool yellows - earthy ochre and vivid sun yellow

Peachy - layers of peach, ecru, tan, pale orange, and pale coral

Pear - layers of pale to medium greens with gold and yellow undertones

Phoebe - peach, pink, tan, ecru, grey, light gold, brown

Piper - pale aqua, grey, with some rust and brown streaks

Poseidon - dark teal, deep blue green, small shots of green - looks lighter on the silk blends

Rain - layers of grey with a greyed green/teal, ecru, purple-ish greys, and some tan

Raspberry Pink - bright pink with shades of dark, cool pink, some pale pinks

Retro Aqua - semi-solid, medium shade - bright robin egg/blue green/aqua

Salt Water - layers of greyed and muted aqua and greyed blue

*Shadow - a medium grey base with lots of olive, blue, violet speckles - highly variable - depending on the amount of blending of the speckles, the yarn can appear tinted blue, violet, or warm olive/grey - see individual listings 

Shell - pale tans, browns, and greys - many layers - this is one of those colors that really shifts in different light - can look pinkish, greyish, and tan

Snowflake - ecru mottled with light to medium grey

Solaria - semi-solid bright sun/butter yellow

Strawberry - semi-solid - bright and warm berry pink

*Sweet Pea Light- flecks of violet, blue, grey, pink,  highly variable 

*Sweet Pea Light + Grey - same as Sweet Pea Light plus layers of grey

Tea Rose - semi-solid warm peachy pink

Tiger's Eye - yellow/orange with flecks of rust and orange, shots of brown and mustard

Traveler - burgundy, brown, magenta, orange, plum, gold, grey

Tree and Leaf - layers of dark to light green, some ecru, some yellow green


*These speckled colorways may vary much more from skein to skein than other colorways


 - When using multiple skeins of hand-dyed yarn in a project, alternate skeins ever couple of rows to blend the variations between the skeins. -