I’m happy to announce the return of custom orders! Please check back, as additional bases and/or colorways may be offered in the future.

Minimum: 4 skeins per colorway - Scroll down to see photographs of base yarns and colorways.

Production time: Please allow 1-4 weeks for your custom order to be produced. If an issue arrises which will cause a delay, you will be notified.

Payment: A PayPal invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours after you submit the custom order form. Production of your order will begin after payment is received.

Shipping: Standard shipping rates.

NOTE: Custom orders ship separately from regular orders. I am not be able to hold regular orders until custom orders are completed .

Please submit the form for each colorway you would like to order. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The following yarns are available for custom orders at this time. Priced per skein.
There is a 4 skein minimum for custom orders.
The following colorways are available for custom orders at this time:
To which country will the custom order ship?



100% Superwash Merino Wool

2 plies

400 yds / 365 m

100 grams

Fingering Weight

US 1-5 / 2.25-3.75 mm

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / dry flat

DK 250 - $25

100% Superwash Merino Wool

4 plies

250 yds / 229 m

115 grams

DK Weight

UYS 5-7 / 3.75 - 4.5 mm

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / Dry flat

SW Merino | Worsted - $25

100% Superwash Merino Wool

4 plies

218 yds / 200 m

100 grams

Worsted Weight

US 6-8 / 4-5 mm

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / Dry flat


SW Merino | Aran - $25

100% Superwash Merino Wool

3 plies

180 yds / 164 m

100 grams

Aran Weight

US 7-9 / 4.5 - 5.5 mm

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / Dry flat

Polwarth -  $23  100% Superwash New Zealand Polwarth Wool  4 plies  250 yds / 228 m  100 grams  DK Weight  US 5-7 / 3.75-4.5mm  Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / Dry flat

Polwarth - $23

100% Superwash New Zealand Polwarth Wool

4 plies

250 yds / 228 m

100 grams

DK Weight

US 5-7 / 3.75-4.5mm

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle / Dry flat



Almond - tan, light brown, golden brown, ecru

Aquarius - pale to medium greyed aqua base with speckles and streaks of gold, green, rust, blue, pink, olive

Asteria - warm and cool grey, ecru, pale gold, pale blue grey

Asteroid - medium to dark brown and grey with flecks, speckles, and streaks of blue, green, gold, rust

Atlantis - aqua, teal, dark and light blue /green, shots of orange and rust, spots of navy and bright blue

Autumn Garden - magenta and plum, orange and rust, some gold and purple, green, grey layered on top

Azure - bright sky blue with some flecks and speckles of color

Bee - pale yellow, gold, apricot, orange - flecked with colors such as brown, aqua, green and pink

Bee + Grey - same as Bee plus layers of grey on top

Bon Voyage - layers of greyed aqua, pale gold, and blue/green

Blueberry - blue, violet, pale blue, red violet

Bouquet - natural ecru base with speckles and streaks of pale yellow, gold, salmon, grey, and pink

Bramble - pale to medium muted/greyed tones of tan, ecru, grey, gold with speckles and streaks of brown, gold, grey, pink

Byzantium - purple and plum with red violet and magenta streaks

Candy Apple - light, medium, and dark layers - true red

Carnival - speckles and streaks of a rainbow of colors

Charm - speckles and streaks of brown, gold, orange, salmon, and clay

Chronos - chocolate brown, cool and warm brown, gold, and charcoal grey

Clementine - layers of citrus orange tones -  red/orange and yellow/orange

Coastal Grey - neutral to slightly cool med/dark grey - almost solid

Coral - saturated orange/red - classic bright coral -almost solid

Cottage White - taupe, off-white, some grey and ecru, tan

County Fair - natural base color with speckles and streaks of mustard yellow, teal, salmon pink, green, gold, and aqua

Dark Slate - very dark grey to black mottled with light grey and ecru

Echo - aqua, pale green speckles - flecks and streaks of dark blue, green, olive, pink, gold 

Echo + Grey - same as Echo plus layers of grey

Eventide - medium to dark blue with speckles and streaks of navy, terra cotta, slate, and dark olive

Flannel - pale violet and blue violet with layers of pale grey on top to neutralize, some streaks of pale orange

Flannel Variation- flannel without the grey wash

Fog - layers of mostly cool grey with speckles of many colors including pink, brown, blue, green, and gold

Glyph - warm medium grey base color with speckles and streaks of caramel, forest green, blue, gold, and rust

Granite - grey, slate, steel, pewter, greyed greens and blues, ecru

Grey Sea - medium shade of a greyed blue/green - almost solid

Guava - coral/pink/melon base with speckles of olive, pink, orange, rust

Hint - pale to light semi-solid muted pink

Hopscotch - ecru base with flecks of mauve, chocolate, pink, salmon, caramel, yellow, and orange.

Hyperion - a mix of gold, brown, and grey

Iolite - blue violet, violet, flashes of plum and navy

Jasper - reddish orange/burnt orange with speckles and streaks of mahogany, orange, blue, green, brown

Jovial - muted pinkish peach with flecks of brown, apricot, pink, violet, blue, yellow, and green

Labradorite - grey/blue/green with streaks and speckles of charcoal, gold, blue, orchid

Lulu - natural ecru base with flecks of bright aqua, cantaloupe, pear, salmon pink, violet, and mauve

Lucky - bright green, blue/green, yellow/green, with speckles and streaks

Mercury - light to medium semi-solid grey

Meteor - brown, mahogany, chocolate, orange, streaks of blue, gold

Mushroom Cap - warm and cool grey with shots of tan and brown

Nightwatch -  layers of brown, grey, blue and blue/green.

October Leaves - orange and rust with small shots of pale green and gold

Olivine - olive green, grey-green, blue-green, gold, grey

Opal - many layers of pale, muted colors: blue, green, peach, pink, tan, gold, grey

Orchid - semi-solid bright magenta/fuchsia/purple/pink

Overcast - semi-solid neutral medium steel grey

Patchwork - natural ecru base with a rainbow of speckles - variable - depending on the spreading of the speckles, may look more pink or blue - each skein will vary 

Painter's Yellow - warm and cool yellows - earthy ochre and vivid sun yellow

Pear - layers of pale to medium greens with gold and yellow undertones

Phoebe - peach, pink, tan, ecru, grey, light gold, brown

Pinwheel - natural base with speckles and streaks of blue, pink, slate, and a little green and gold

Plume - medium/light neutral brown base color with speckles and streaks of mustard, salmon, blue, gold, brown, and green

Poseidon - dark teal, deep blue green, small shots of green

Rain - layers of grey with a greyed green/teal, ecru, purple-ish grey, and some tan

Retro Aqua - semi-solid, medium shade - bright robin egg/blue green/aqua

Salt Water - layers of greyed and muted aqua and greyed blue

Sail - salt water (pale grey/blue) base color speckled with gold, salmon, blue, and green

Shadow - a dark grey base with lots of olive, blue, violet speckles

Shell - pale tan, brown, and grey

Snapdragon - fuchsia and magenta with streaks and speckles of orange, blue, plum, orchid, green, ecru

Snowflake - ecru mottled with light to medium grey

Solar Flare - muted yellow/gold with streaks and speckles

Splash - layers of sea green, aquamarine, lime, blue/green, some grey

Spindle - pale grey base hue (similar to cottage white) speckled and streaked with rose, clay, blue, pale gold, and green

Sweet - cool and warm pink and violet/pink base color with speckles and streaks of orange, aqua, pink, brown, and caramel

Tea Rose - semi-solid warm peachy pink

Theory - speckles and streaks of grey, gold, and brown - small shots of rose pink

Tiger's Eye - yellow/orange with flecks of rust and orange, brown, mustard, saffron, and green

Traveler - burgundy, brown, magenta, orange, plum, gold, grey

Tree and Leaf - layers of dark to light green, some ecru, some yellow green

Victoriana - dark plum, grey, shots of burgundy and blue

Water Lily - natural ecru base  flecked and streaked with blue, green, yellow, pink, violet 

Wish - natural ecru base  flecked with dusty pinks, mauve, lavender, yellow, gold, rust, and peach