Orange Flower Yarn



Welcome! Orange Flower Yarn is a small-scale independent dyer in Pennsylvania. It's a one-woman operation with an emphasis on craftsmanship and fine materials. Orange Flower Yarn is only available through this online shop. 

Skeins are dyed in very small batches using a variety of techniques. Kettle dyeing, hand-painting, and low water immersion are some examples.

All O.F. yarn is dyed using professional grade acid dyes and citric acid. After the dyeing process, skeins are soaked in a gentle wool wash, rinsed, air dried, and re-skeined. 

It's best to purchase enough yarn for your project at one time in order to ensure matching skeins. For best results, alternate skeins while knitting to blend the variations between the skeins.

Updates are unscheduled and unannounced. I dye in small batches and add them to the shop as they are completed. Everything that is available to ship is in the shop. I currently do not take pre-orders or custom orders.

Thanks very much for your interest in Orange Flower Yarn!  If you have questions, please submit them using the contact link and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  More information can be found at the shop.