Welcome! Orange Flower Yarn is my line of hand-dyed yarns. Orange Flower Yarn has been available online since 2010.

I dye a wide variety of yarns made of merino wool, BFL wool, silk, nylon, cashmere, linen, and alpaca blends. My favorites tend to be the 100% wool yarns - both superwash and non-superwash. I am careful to buy my yarns from reputable mills and distributers. All use fiber that is ethically sourced from farms that do not employ mulesing.

To dye my yarn, I use professional grade acid dyes and citric acid. I custom mix all my dyes and use a variety of techniques to apply color. I work in small batches of up to 8 skeins. I enjoy creating new colorways and tend to lean towards muted, complex, and layered colors, though I do like bold, saturated, hues, too! After the dyeing process, skeins are soaked in Eucalan wool wash and carefully rinsed, air dried, and re-skeined.

I do a lot of knitting with my own yarns to test out the bases and see how the colorways look in a project. Most of my knitting tends to be for my niece and nephew, but I do occasionally knit for myself. If you are on Ravelry, you can find me as sketchbook. Also, stop by and join the Orange Flower Yarn Ravelry Group, we would love to see what you make!